The breadth of information for professionals working in foster care is potentially quite extensive. As part of IFCO’s ongoing work we will be building up a repository of materials to assist professional workers improve their knowledge and understanding of the different dimensions of foster and kinship care.

Currently the information we provide for professionals is available in various locations on our website. Relevant materials are included on the page for children and young people and the page for foster and kinship carers. There is material on these pages which will be of interest to social workers and other professionals working in this area.

The most useful page on IFCO’s website for professionals is our resources page. This page contains a curated list of literature and practical resources on foster and kinship care. The resources are divided into categories and listed by author and title with a short description of their contents and significance. Already there are over 100 resources on our resources page. Over time IFCO intends to develop this into a comprehensive repository of literature and practical resources on foster and kinship care. In celebration of the launch of IFCO’s new website access to IFCO’s curated list of resources is open to all for a limited time only. From early 2020 you must be a member of IFCO to gain access to IFCO’s curated list of resources. Please go to our membership section for information on benefits and how to apply.