Treasurer - Carrie Harrop

Carrie Wilson-Harrop grew up in the care system in England from the age of 11, with Social service support ending at the age of 23, when she completed her degree in International Relations. As a student Carrie was a mentor for those still in care. During her final term of University, Carrie started to Kinship care her younger brother, keeping him within family based care.

Once graduated, Carrie worked for a year at Sheffield Hallam University leading the Care Leaver project, aimed at involving more Care experienced young people in Higher Education. Once the work was embedded, Carrie moved on to her current role as Young Peoples Project Coordinator at the Care Leavers Association, the foremost user-led national charity in England.
Carrie works directly with those at the leaving care age, up to the age of 30, to improve the current system and to support those going through the transition process. This includes advocacy, mentoring programs, helping to create national networks of best practice and consulting on issues affecting those leaving care.

Carrie led the 2016 European IFCO Conference in Sheffield and went on to support the 2017 Global IFCO Conference in Malta. As well as contributing to the IFCO Youth track before joining IFCO’s board, Carrie has since co-run the Youth Track at IFCO’s conferences.

Carrie believes that every child in alternative care and beyond should be provided with the safe space to explore their experiences, and be supported to realise their potential. She also believes that carers should be recognised and supported through the sometimes very taxing support they provide young people and children.