IFCO has a pool of international experts, trainers, consultants and individuals as well as organizational members worldwide. We are active in projects all over the world, cooperating with public or private bodies, universities, non-government and government organizations and UN or EU entities.

We facilitate the exchange of information, knowledge and experience between all Foster Care professionals. Through our networking events, professionals from organizations across the globe can initiate conversations, encouraging the spread of best practices and work for the  global improvement of Foster Care services.

Conversations around Foster Care

IFCO does not seek to provide solutions for Foster Care development which assume that local problems are best solved by imposing external models. Often these models of care do not reflect consideration of local conditions and the indigenous culture.

Instead we believe in working as a global network that respects local discrepancies in Foster Care provision. We encourage our members to share their experiences and best practices with others at our conferences or through our member’s discussion list.

We promote shared conversations around Foster Care in the hopes of improving and promoting high standards of family based Foster Care around the world.

For more information about initiating conversations with fellow professionals, call IFCO today on +44 (0)208 133 0208 or email us at ifco@ifco.info.