Once you have found out all of the information about foster care that you require the process to becoming a foster carer depends upon the country you are looking to foster in.

Across the world, almost all countries will share the common goal that the relevant authorities and/or the birth parents will maintain legal responsibility for the child in a fostering placement. In some countries the relevant authorities have their own foster carers, in others this is complemented by Independent Fostering Agencies (IFAs), who have their own foster carers registered to them.

How long does it take to become a foster parent?

The duration of the application process to become a foster carer will also differ dependent upon the operational structure of fostering in your country and the complexity of the recruitment process.

In almost all countries your fostering provider will carry out a series of checks to ensure that you are suitable to foster and this may impact upon the duration of the application process.

Where to start

You are advised to contact the appropriate authority in your country to find out more. Alternatively search online for ‘foster care in [your country]’ to find out more. We are pleased to offer advice and assistance on becoming a foster carer. Please visit the contact us page for contact details.