As an international foster care organization, we value the work of foster carers world over. We are proud to welcome foster carers to our conferences and networking activities and we are committed to raising awareness of this rewarding role across the globe.

Foster carers provide a safe and stable family environment for children and young people who, for a variety of reasons, cannot live with their birth family. Across the world there is a need to recruit foster carers to perform this challenging yet hugely rewarding role.

IFCO supports family based foster care as the best practice model for looking after children and young people in care, over and above institutionalised or residential fostering placements. We believe that within a family environment children have the greatest chance of ‘normality’ in their lives and ultimately it is family based foster care that produces the most positive outcomes.

Could you foster?

While IFCO is not directly looking to recruit foster cares, we are pleased to offer support to anybody considering becoming a foster carer across the world. Please visit the How can I become a foster carer page to learn more.

Foster carer memberships

Foster carers make up nearly half of the total memberships at IFCO. We provide a global platform for sharing information, networking and initiating conversations between carers. All of these services can be brought to you by becoming a member of IFCO. We are a volunteer based not for profit organisation and registered charity company and as such membership fees enable us to continue to grow our global network and remain operational.

Find out more

Please continue to explore this section of the website to learn more about becoming a foster carer, the benefits of IFCO memberships and our role in international foster care.