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Are you thinking about becoming a member of IFCO?

As a member, you can get involved in foster care discussions, read important publications about foster care from around the world and attend conferences to meet people and have your voice heard.

Become a member today

An IFCO membership is valid for 12 months from the time you join. So, for example, if you join on 1 July your membership will be due for renewal on 30 June the next year. And if you join on 15 December your membership will be due for renewal on 30 November in time for the beginning of the month.

А small fee is required to become the member of IFCO. To find out more, to become or to renew your membership with IFCO, please visit the dedicated Membership page

If you’re not sure about how much to pay, call IFCO on +44 (0) 20 8144 7571 or email us at