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Fostering from your perspective

Foster care can mean many different things to many different people. To a foster carer, it may be the lifestyle they have chosen. To a social worker, it may be the job they do every day. But to a child or young person in foster care, we understand that it can mean something completely different.

Your life in foster care

At IFCO, we try to listen to children in foster care as often as we can. From their perspective, we have found a new way to look at foster care and the impact it can have on someone’s life.

After all, children come into foster care because they can’t stay with their families anymore. This can be a huge separation and can make a lot of children feel angry, confused or scared. They might have experienced abuse or neglect and it was decided that their family shouldn’t look after them. Or maybe they had to leave their family because of difficult circumstances at home.

When a child comes into foster care, it is life changing. It might only last for a short time, but whether it’s days or years it can have a real impact.

Why we believe in family-based care

IFCO is an advocate for family-based foster care around the world. That means that we believe in children’s and young people’s right to a family home whether they can stay with their own families or not.

We think it’s important for anyone growing up to have a place to belong and to be surrounded by people who respect and appreciate them for who they are, and we think that can be achieved.

Your opinion is important to us. Become a member of IFCO today and have your voice heard by people involved in foster care all over the world. As a member of IFCO, you can attend one of our conferences and have a real input into foster care based on your feelings and experiences.

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