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Previous IFCO conferences

See below for a list of previous IFCO conferences that have taken place around the world for regional and international delegates.

For more information about IFCO conferences and upcoming events, please see our conference information page.

IFCO conferences to date

2017 Valetta, Malta (World)
2016 Sheffield, UK (Regional)
2015 Sydney, Australia (World)
2014 Waterford, Ireland (Regional)
2013 Osaka, Japan (World)
2012 Sofia, Bulgaria (Regional)
2011 Victoria, British Columbia, Canada (International)
2010 Brighton, United Kingdom (Regional)
2009 Dublin, Ireland (International)
2007 Hamilton, New Zealand (International)
Mellieha, Malta (Regional)
2006 Bratislava, Slovakia (Regional)
Bucharest, Romania (Project)
2005 Madison, USA (international)
2004 Prague, Czech Republic (Regional)
Paramaribo, Surinam (Regional)
2003 La Plata, Argentina (International)
2002 Tampere, Finland (Regional)
2001 Veldhoven, The Netherlands (International)
2000 Cork, Ireland (Regional)
1999 Melbourne, Australia (International)
1998 Budapest, Hungary (regional)
Manilla, The Philippines (Regional)
1997 Vancouver, Canada (international)
1996 Los Angeles, USA (Regional)
1995 Bergen, Norway (international)
1994 Berlin, Germany (regional)
1993 Dublin, Ireland (International)
1992 Gent, Belgium (Regional)
1991 Jonkoping, Sweden (international)
1990 Athens, Greece (Regional)
1989 Michigan, USA (International)
1988 Lunteren, The Netherlands (Regional)
1987 Leeds, United Kingdom (International)
1985 Christchurch, New Zealand (Regional)
1983 Christchurch, New Zealand (Regional)
1982 Beekse Bergen, The Netherlands (Regional)
1981 Slagharen, The Netherlands (International)
1979 Oxford, United Kingdom (International)



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