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IFCO Networks

IFCO works strategically throughout the world to link key stakeholders together to promote family based placements for children in need of alternative care.  This is accomplished by developing regional networks.

Networks provide a forum to exchange information on standards for best practice, training and policy development for foster care in line with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC).  Networks are regionally focused and IFCO works to support and provide technical assistance to develop capacity within each region.

IFCO Networks

RELAF (South America)

Coordinator: Matilda de Luna
Board liaison: Myrna McNitt

RELAF is now fully independent of IFCO, although they still share their electronic newsletter with us.  RELAF continues to be active in providing training in Latin America.  IFCO has provided key support for the start-up of RELAF and assisted in identifying funding for the initial development work.

East-East (Eastern and Central South Eastern Europe)

Board liaison: Stela Grigoras

The East-East network is in the process of being developed by IFCO in line with its project work in Kosovo, Croatia, Russia, and Moldova.


Board Liaison: Stephen Ucembe

The primary network activity in Africa is the youth-led care leavers group. 

Asia-Pacific-Pacific Rim

Coordinator: Jill Worrell

The Pacific Rim has been identified as a key region for IFCO network development.  Work in the region is important as a result of the devastating tsunami in Japan leaving many children severely traumatized and without parental care.

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