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IFCO hosts and participates in a number of projects with Foster Care partners around the world. Select from one of the continents on the map below to find out what projects are ongoing or have taken place in those areas. For more information or if you’re interested in furthering a Foster Care projects with IFCO, call us today on +44 (0) 20 8144 7571 or email

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Improvement of the care of Children affected by HIV and AIDS

Following its Statement on the community and family-based solutions for children affected by HIV/AIDS IFCO offers its expertise and experience in the development of fostering to improve the care for children, teenagers and families affected by the HIV/AIDS pandemic. IFCO advocates supporting families in caring for their children.

When this is not possible (often because of the deaths of parents and adult relatives) we advocate provision of alternative community and family-based solutions for the children affected by HIV/AIDS. This calls for: - Our inclusion in global policies designed to enforce 4 priorities : generalised access to medical care and treatments, fight against discrimination, prevention and psycho-social support for persons living with IV/AIDS and their close ones, The will to promote and improve family-based solutions for orphaned and vulnerable children: extended family placement, community placement,and foster family care as best solutions for the children, provided that the needs and rights of the children are fulfilled, particularly their special needs, when facing traumas or disabilities, the development of support, training, and monitoring services for those family-based solutions, to prevent abuse, neglect or exploitation of orphans and vulnerable children, The creation of specific services, support and allowances for child-headed households, Limiting the residential and institutionalized care to temporary solutions, including those with disabilities, - The support of social services development in communities, - The empowerment of local networks of foster, kin and young carers to assure that local capacity is developed and respected for the care of children and young persons, - The reinforcement of children’s participation, and the development of Networks of children and youth in care, - The development of regional and international networks to facilitate local initiatives and capacity-building, through the exchange of good practices and lessons learned, - The advocacy and lobbying to achieve these goals locally, nationally and internationally. Here below are some action proposals which IFCO can deliver, to achieve the goals listed above:

1) support projects to improve the care for vulnerable, orphaned or isolated children: Objectives: support the development of foster care and foster care networks in recruiting, selecting, training, support and counseling of foster families and foster children,
training and support of carers and professionals (social workers, community workers), improvement of the quality of child protection services, improvement of the legal framework for intervention in tune with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.
Proposed actions: needs assessment using IFCO’s Social Action Methodology, involvement of all stakeholders in evaluation and elaboration of the project proposal, training of trainers and resource-persons, raising awareness campaign, involvement of governmental and non-governmental partners.

2) favour the creation of a Network of actors in child protection, dealing with foster care, family and community-based care for out-of-home children and child-headed households Objectives: facilitate the exchange in and between countries, spread and learn about experiences and good practice,
support the carers and professionals, maximize the possibilities of lobbying, fundraising and partnership with NGOs, donors, international institutions and governments.

Proposed actions: appoint a network coordinator with accessibility to communication tools, organise networking events such as trainings, conferences, seminars, support capacity-building in and between network members.

3) initiate the creation of a Youth in care Network Objectives: support youth participation and involvement in every action, project and decision affecting their lives, develop peer support and mentoring among young people in care, value the experience and knowledge of the young people, better adjust our projects and working methods to their needs, benefit from their expertise, energy, creativity and determination, reinforce and ensure the continuity of Youth Associations,
reinforce and expand the actions the Youth Associations carry out.
Proposed actions:
appoint a young network coordinator with accessibility to communication tools organize networking events such as trainings, participation to IFCO conferences, meetings and recreative events for the children and young people, support capacity-building in and between network members, support advocacy, lobbying and actions through monitoring, funding, and training.

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