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Conference information

One of the key activities of IFCO is our annual conferences, which offer a unique opportunity for foster carers from across the world to share information and learn about global fostering advancements.

Our conferences are always well attended and very well received. We promote a fun, energetic and enthusiastic environment where foster carers, professionals, academics and young people have a voice.

Previous conferences

Between 1981 and to date, we have staged 38 regional and international conferences in a wide range of locations:

2016 Sheffield, UK (Regional)
2015 Sydney, Australia (International)
2014 Waterford, Ireland (Regional)
2013 Osaka, Japan (International)
2012 Sofia, Bulgaria (Regional)
2011 Victoria, British Columbia, Canada (International)
2010 Brighton, United Kingdom (Regional)
2009 Dublin, Ireland (International)
2007 Hamilton, New Zealand (International)
Mellieha, Malta (Regional)
2006 Bratislava, Slovakia (Regional)
Bucharest, Romania (Project)
2005 Madison, USA (international)
2004 Prague, Czech Republic (Regional)
Paramaribo, Surinam (Regional)
2003 La Plata, Argentina (International)
2002 Tampere, Finland (Regional)
2001 Veldhoven, The Netherlands (International)
2000 Cork, Ireland (Regional)
1999 Melbourne, Australia (International)
1998 Budapest, Hungary (Regional)
Manilla, The Philippines (Regional)
1997 Vancouver, Canada (International)
1996 Los Angeles, USA (Regional)
1995 Bergen, Norway (international)
1994 Berlin, Germany (regional)
1993 Dublin, Ireland (International)
1992 Gent, Belgium (Regional)
1991 Jonkoping, Sweden (international)
1990 Athens, Greece (Regional)
1989 Michigan, USA (International)
1988 Lunteren, The Netherlands (Regional)
1987 Leeds, United Kingdom (International)
1985 Christchurch, New Zealand (Regional)
1983 Christchurch, New Zealand (Regional)
1982 Beekse Bergen, The Netherlands (Regional)
1981 Slagharen, The Netherlands (International)
1979 Oxford, United Kingdom (International)

Forthcoming conference  

Our next conference is due to be staged in Valletta, Malta on 1-4 November 2017. The theme of the conference “Setting Sail from a Safe Port: Giving our children confidence to move forward with safe and permanent relationships” is underpinned by a holistic understanding that every person has a role in protecting children and promoting their well-being. Professionals, carers, policy-makers and youth will all benefit from exploring the theme of this year's conference together and using the IFCO platform to share, exchange, and learn from each other. The aim of the conference is to offer a balanced and inspiring programme, focusing on best practice, informed policies, and children’s rights. In parallel with the adult programme, we will be holding an exciting youth programme along with extensive social programme, complementing networking opportunities, a warm welcome and a truly memorable experience on the beautiful Island of Malta - where beautiful heritage and landscape meet modern sense of hospitalityFor further details please visit

Our new website will be ready early in 2019. In the meantime you can still join, connect, learn and share at the current IFCO website. Don’t forget that you can also hang out with us on Facebook (link?) or keep up to date via Twitter (link?) 2629746000